Dr. Schneider: Post-operative care is an important process in your Lasik procedure. If managed properly, you’ll be back to your normal routine in no time. Of course, every doctor will have their own set of post-operative instructions, but here are a few basic guidelines you can expect to follow:

First, go home and take a nap. Sleeping is the best thing you can do to minimize any burning or stinging sensation you may experience. Plus, that’s when the body goes into healing mode. Next avoid wearing make-up, or participating in activities that could cause you to touch, bump, or rub your eyes. Also, stay out of swimming pool or hot tubs for a couple of weeks to avoid getting contaminated water in your eyes. Next, use the eye drops prescribed by your doctor. Make sure you follow their instructions and use them as directed. Keep in mind, it’s only natural for your eyes to sting when you put the drops in, but they’re necessary to aid your recovery and avoid infections. Finally, most doctors will ask you to return for a post-operative checkup the day after surgery.

While your vision may fluctuate for the first month or two, most patients notice a significant visual improvement the very next day and continue to see gradual improvements over the next several weeks.

Announcer: This information has been provided by Dr. Mark Schneider.