Poor or less than perfect vision used to restrict many candidates from becoming either a pilot or an astronaut. Recently, the Air Force and Navy have implemented a policy allowing individuals who have had LASIK to become pilots. Previously, those who have had corrective eye surgery were disqualified from flight and navigator training.

Aspiring pilots now have the option to have LASIK. The Air Force has concluded that there was little to no effect on eyes treated with LASIK when subjected to high altitudes or forces in a fighter aircraft. LASIK is actually one of two recommended procedures by the Air Force and Navy. Eyes treated with LASIK are more trauma resistant after surgery and better suited for the pilot lifestyle.

After the Air Force and Navy removed the LASIK restriction for fighter pilots, NASA followed suit and began allowing LASIK for astronauts. Vision used to be a huge hurdle for aspiring pilots and astronauts. Now, with the advanced technology of laser eye surgery, more men and women can become pilots and astronauts.

If you were avoiding LASIK because of the Air Force, Navy, and NASA’s restrictions, you no longer have to worry about ineligibility. Make an appointment to discuss your vision and the possibility of LASIK today.