Do you dream of being the next Tiger Woods or LeBron James? Or are you just tired of messing with contacts or glasses before and during sport activities? Like many sports stars of the world (including Tiger and LeBron!), you should consider LASIK eye surgery.

Don’t let glasses or contacts hold you back from your favorite activities. Contacts or glasses can get in the way of any physical activities such as surfing, running, or golfing. If you’ve ever lost a contact in the water or had to wear sunglasses instead of your prescription glasses while playing tennis, you know the inconvenience of poor vision. By correcting your vision you not only won’t have to mess with glasses or contacts, you’ll also run the chance that LASIK will actually enhance your athletic performance (as well as your vision!)

Advantages of LASIK:

  • Around 96% of patients will have their desired vision after LASIK
  • LASIK is associated with very little pain due to numbing drops
  • Vision is corrected nearly immediately or the day after LASIK
  • No bandages or stitches are required after LASIK
  • Adjustments can be made years after LASIK to further correct vision if vision changes while you age
  • After having LASIK, most patients have a dramatic reduction in eyeglass or contact lens dependence and many patients no longer need them at all

Resuming normal activities after LASIK

After LASIK surgery, patients can return to normal activities normally the next day. The restrictions following LASIK surgery include no swimming for two weeks or heavy weight lifting for three days. After LASIK, you can return to most sports immediately and contact sports very soon.

Healing after LASIK eye surgery usually occurs very rapidly. Vision may be blurry and hazy for the first day, but most patients notice improved vision within a few days of surgery. In order to determine candidacy for LASIK, you must have your eyes examined by a LASIK specialist. If you are considering the surgery, contact Dr. Schneider today for your consultation.