Feast Your Eyes On This!

Many of us worry about our eyesight as we age, and rightfully so. Approximately 10 million Americans suffer from Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD), a disease causing the loss of vision in those over 65. There is no cure for AMD, so you must take preventative...

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Best Age for LASIK

How young can you be to have LASIK? What’s the general age range for a LASIK patient? The key word here is “general,” because even if you are in the eligible age range, there are several other factors in the equation which will equal either no or yes for you to be a...

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Cost of LASIK

We’ve all heard of used the phrase, “but I digress…”—meaning, I’m getting off-track, too far off the subject, meandering into a pumpkin patch…But another meaning of “digress” is to step away from the main topic and shine light on it from another angle, so that we see...

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Eye and Camera, Part 3

Most digital cameras have 5-20 megapixels, which is far less powerful than human vision. This is based on the fact that at 20/20 vision, the human eye is able to resolve the equivalent 52 megapixels—up to ten times more than a camera!, and that’s assuming a 60-degree...

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IntraLase History

In these pages we have taken a look at the femtosecond laser and IntraLase technology. But we have only just scratched the surface of the genius and development of this natural miracle. Humankind once thought the earth was flat, and sometimes I think it still is,...

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Eye and Camera, Part 2

Fortune favors the wary! I don’t know which marble-headed ancient said that (if any), but staying abreast of the “eye and camera” news has its rewards! The ink had no longer dried on last week’s blog (“Eye and Camera” [part 1]), than fortune smiled and the news broke...

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Eye and Camera

The invention of the camera may not have been consciously modeled on the human eye, but at least we know it wasn’t the other way around. We can know also that the eye, eyesight, vision had everything to do with the invention of photography, which essentially means...

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Good Season to have LASIK?

I don’t know about you but I’ve been experiencing some allergy symptoms since spring has sprung. Whether it’s a clinical allergy or just a specific pollen which irritates you, some of us may find ourselves with “hay fever” symptoms (I use the “

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Glaucoma Month or Day!

Some ophthalmology organizations and practices say “Glaucoma Month” is March while others say it is January. The beauty of it is, “Glaucoma Day” can be any day of the year for you. And, ask your eye doctor, but scheduling an annual glaucoma exam in advance on...

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Laser Vision Correction: the Future

Always invest in the latest and greatest whatever technology it is you’re going to purchase. So the planned-obsolescence retail-market slogan goes. Remember when you bought your first computer system; you needed it yesterday, right? It was going to be a while before...

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LASIK Unique

All human beings have many of the same things in common: for example, the survival needs of air, water, food, protection from the elements including sufficient warmth and coolness, etc. Yet, each human is also unique, differing from one the other in personality,...

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LASIK for Presbyopia? Yes, it’s about time!

Yes, presbyopia is about time, the passing of time, about 40 years of it, which causes the condition. While people wanting LASIK treatment for presbyopia may not be overly enthusiastic about how the condition gets its name, the source is at least visually interesting:...

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