IntraLase® Procedure

TriCounty Eye Institute offers the IntraLase® procedure to residents of Corona, Riverside, the Inland Empire, and Orange County.

At TriCounty Eye Institute, we are pleased to offer our patients in the Inland Empire community the safest, most advanced method of LASIK available today. Our “next generation” LASIK procedure is called IntraLase®, a blade-free, all-laser method of LASIK that represents one of the most exciting breakthroughs in refractive surgery history!

Differences in the IntraLase® Procedure

With the IntraLase® method, no mechanical incisions are required, so it is less invasive than conventional LASIK and offers patients unprecedented safety and precision.

The IntraLase® method gives Dr. Mark Schneider more control and accuracy to customize the procedure to each patient’s specific needs. The IntraLase® method also provides fewer risks and possible flap complications.

Benefits of the IntraLase® Procedure

The IntraLase® method of LASIK takes an all-laser approach to creating the corneal flap, rather than using a surgical blade called a microkeratome. By using this painless approach, it enables the refractive team at TriCounty Eye Institute to safely create a flap of exact shape and thickness which results in faster healing and a better quality of vision for our laser vision correction patients.

IntraLase® LaserAlthough traditional LASIK is an extremely safe and effective procedure, LASIK with IntraLase® by Dr. Schneider offers patients in Orange County, Corona, Riverside, and the entire Inland Empire area a new sense of assurance and peace of mind through added safety and increased precision in a less invasive manner. Feel free to ask a member of our staff for more information about our blade-free, all-laser LASIK procedure.

This combination of experience and reputation, technology, safety, and integrity is the TriCounty Eye Institute difference.


TriCounty Eye Institute offers comprehensive eye care and skin care to residents of Corona, CA, Riverside, CA, the Inland Empire, and Orange County. Our family of eye care and cosmetic specialists is specially trained and qualified to help you enjoy a lifetime of clear vision and skin with breakthroughs in cataract surgery, the latest in laser vision correction procedures, and the most advanced technology in skin care.

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