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TriCounty Eye Institute offers treatment for presbyopia to residents of Corona, Riverside, the Inland Empire, and Orange County.


Presbyopia occurs when the lens of the eye loses its flexibility, making it difficult to focus up close. Typically, we first notice presbyopia when we begin having difficulty seeing up close to read. Presbyopia is part of the aging process and typically begins to affect our vision between the ages of 40 and 50. Common signs of presbyopia include a tendency to hold your reading materials farther away from you to see them, eye fatigue, and headaches.

Presbyopia is a very common condition in the United States, affecting as many as a billion people across the world as of 2005. Of these, about 517 million did not have adequate correction with eyeglasses.

Common Symptoms

Some of the common symptoms of presbyopia are:

  • Eye fatigue
  • Headaches

Presbyopia Treatment

The degree of presbyopia is detected through a comprehensive eye examination at TriCounty Eye Institute and reading glasses or contact lenses can be prescribed to correct your vision. If you wear contact lenses, Dr. Mark Schneider can prescribe reading glasses that you wear while your contacts are in or you can purchase readers over-the-counter at a retail store.

Dr. Schneider also may recommend multifocal contact lenses, which are available in gas permeable or soft lens materials.

Monovision LASIK performed by Dr. Schneider is also possible treatment for presbyopia. This involves reshaping the dominant eye for distance vision and the non-dominant eye for close vision.

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