Symfony – New from AMO lens option

The Highest Quality Vision For Demanding Cataract Patients

Today’s cataract patients demand excellent vision after surgery. Traditional intraocular lenses (IOLs) provided cataract patients only a limited range of vision and did not correct astigmatism. This often left people dependent upon reading glasses or bifocals after cataract surgery.

The groundbreaking Symfony/Symfony Toric IOL is the first and only Extended Depth of Focus (EDOF) IOL, a new category of presbyopia-correcting cataract lenses with full FDA approval in the United States. It provides patients a FULL RANGE of continuous high quality vision while also minimizing the effects of presbyopia by helping patients focus at near. Another unprecedented feature of the recent FDA approval includes a Toric version of the lens – the Symfony Toric IOL – for patients with astigmatism.

Advancements such as the Symfony/Symfony Toric IOL multifocal and accommodating lens technology make it possible to greatly reduce the need for spectacles for reading and computer work, while still allowing you to see objects clearly in the distance.

In FDA clinical trials collaborated by multiple US sites – including right here in Fort Worth at Texas Eye and Laser Center – patients in the Symfony/Symfony Toric IOL group achieved greater improvements in intermediate and near vision while maintaining excellent distance vision when compared to a standard single focus IOL. Symfony/Symfony Toric patients were also more likely to enjoy reduced dependence on corrective eyewear overall and achieved a higher overall visual performance in any lighting condition.

A Cataract Lens So Revolutionary, It Has Its Own Category: EDOF

  • Offers Extended Depth of Focus (EDOF). Patients benefit from a completely new category of presbyopia-correcting IOL technology.
  • Provides continuous, full-range vision. Patients can see objects clearly at near, intermediate and far away distances, and points in between.
  • Yields high-quality vision. Patients with a Symfony/Symfony Toric IOL report a high level of visual quality.
  • Demonstrates “non-inferiority” in terms of halo and glare, day-and-night. FDA clinical trials show that patients with a Symfony/Symfony Toric IOL notice no worse halo or glare as compared to standard monofocal IOLs in any lighting environment.
  • Corrects astigmatism. Patients’ pre-existing astigmatism will be corrected by Symfony/Symfony Toric IOL without the need for additional surgeries on their corneas.



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